Mission Statement

We’re Reviewed, the outlet that powers e-commerce throughout the USA TODAY network. Our tireless team consists of writers, editors, photographers, video producers, graphic designers, social media specialists, operation coordinators, and laboratory experts. All of us work together to publish some of the industry’s best product reviews and consumer recommendations. In other words, our job is to help you buy the best stuff and love what you’ve already got.

But we can’t continue to do that without better working conditions. Our staff has been organizing for months, and we are reclaiming our power to make Reviewed a better place. By forming a union, we will address our grievances about wage disparities, expensive health insurance plans, unjust terminations, unclear in-person and remote working policies, a lack of editorial independence, and more.

We are proud to join the Newspaper Guild of Boston, and we believe we will form a union that uplifts and supports every Reviewed worker. Our efforts are stronger together.

When we reach a collective bargaining agreement, we are confident that Reviewed will be a much better place for all of us–and that will be reflected in our editorial content, too. While you may enjoy reading our current reviews of the best air fryers or following our Amazon Prime Day coverage, imagine how much better our work would be if we received the competitive pay, benefits, and support that we deserve.

Our organizing efforts began early 2022 when there was an extreme amount of turnover in a very short period of time. Several employees began talking about how they felt unappreciated, underpaid, overworked, and were really disappointed in the lack of support coming from upper management. While the company was on a hiring spree to bring in tons of new employees, management wasn’t doing enough to actually keep current employees onboard. Through our mutual frustrations, we bonded together to become closer as more than just coworkers and turn our concerns into actions!

Now, we demand a contract that allows remote workers to remain remote. In other words, we believe Reviewed is a hybrid workplace and should remain that way–no one should be forced to work in-person unless that was included in their previous job description. We demand just-cause and performance-based due process for termination. Our staff is uniting for competitive pay, affordable health insurance that includes mental health services, a clear managed time off policy, reasonable severance pay amid any layoffs, overtime pay for holidays and weekends, and clear job descriptions.

These demands and more are completely reasonable for a company as successful as Reviewed. We often hear about record profits and impressive reader engagement. This is money made from our hard work, and we workers do not reap the benefits of it. Instead, we receive pizza parties and pats on the back–barely consolation prizes compared to what we deserve.

As Reviewed unionizes, we are so proud to join dozens of online and print media outlets who have fought to build a stronger, more supportive workplace. And like those who came before us, we hope our efforts leave behind a legacy of worker solidarity and the strength we have when we organize. The workers united will never be defeated.

Now, we demand that management voluntarily recognizes our union so that we can reach a fair and just contract for all of us.

People in public support of this mission statement:

  • Adrien Ramirez
  • Alex James Kane
  • Alison Jane Kotch
  • Amina Khan
  • Andrew Nathan Winson
  • Anthony Palliparambil, Jr.
  • Ashley Dean
  • Beckett Dubay
  • Benjamin Yoder
  • Ceara Perez-Murphy
  • Christopher Panella
  • Daniel Donabedian
  • Devan James Suber
  • Esther Bell
  • Garrett Mitchell
  • Isabelle Kagan
  • Jada Kennzie
  • Jessica Kasparian
  • Jesus Flores
  • Joanna Nelius
  • John Higgins
  • Jonathan Chan
  • Jonathan Hilburg
  • Kaleb Andreall Brown
  • Madison Durham
  • Mark Brezinski
  • Melissa Rorech
  • Michael Desjardin
  • Michael Elderbee
  • Michael Garrett Steele
  • Michael Shepard
  • Monica Petrucci
  • Nusrat Sultana
  • Samantha Mangino
  • Sara Beth Bolin
  • Sara Kelly Miranda
  • Sarah Kovac
  • Sofia Tort
  • Tracee Herbaugh